AMI is a social enterprise committed to cultivating high-performing and responsible African managers and entrepreneurs. AMI delivers practical, affordable and locally-relevant learning and coaching programmes, using a proprietary online platform and through in-person workshops (Learning Labs) to help employees improve their management skills and workplace performance.

Bidx-AMI Entrepreneurs Development Programme

As part of Bidx’s mission to support the growth and finance of small and medium sized enterprises in Kenya, Bidx had partnered with the African Management Initiative (AMI) to design an online programme for its entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurs Development Programme is a 3 month online programme to help you start or grow your business by acquiring the key skills that you need to create a roadmap for success as well as how to attract capital, mentors and/or investors.

Programme Details

In this programme, you will be exposed to AMI’s top 6 courses and extensive library of tools which will help you write a comprehensive business plan as well as come up with an effective business pitch to investors. Read more here:

The main courses included in this package are:


  • How to Write a Business Plan

This course provides a step-by-step guide to writing a business plan, covering a range of topics that are critical for a business looking for funding. The course includes dozens of practical tools and resources that can be downloaded and used, including a business plan template, business model canvas, financial modelling tools, guides on how to articulate your value proposition, size your market and analyse the competitive landscape.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Develop a viable strategy for their business and a plan to execute on that strategy, and craft this into a compelling business plan.
  • Identify the market they are targeting, segment the market and craft appropriate positioning and targeting strategies.
  • Understand how money flows through their business, and identify the financial drivers of the business.
  • Develop confidence to take their business to the next level that is access to business funding, and/or scale the entrepreneurial project by seeking expansion capital.


  • Access to Finance

Do you need finance to expand your business? If yes, then this package focuses on entrepreneurs who want to grow or expand their business by seeking external funding such as a bank loan.


The package includes 3 courses: ‘Is your Business Ready for Funding?’, ‘Accessing finance for your business’ and ‘Applying for a business loan’ that will guide you through the process of seeking external funding including:

  • Help you understand if you and your business are ready for funding
  • Understand what you need to do to get your financials ready for funding.
  • Ensure you have the right business structure.
  • Determining the type of finance you need at different stages in your business and where to look for this finance.
  • How to prepare and successfully apply for a business loan.


  • Raising start-up capital – An introduction

Do you have a start-up, or an idea for a start-up, but don’t know where to find funding? How do you win confidence and investment from potential investors?

This course will give you tips on doing your own self-assessment before seeking outside investment, how to correctly source for funding and understanding the key considerations and factors that influence your ability to attract outside investment. In this course, we introduce you to key considerations and factors that influence your ability to attract outside investment. 

Additional courses include:

  • Setting Goals for Success
  • Personal Productivity
  • Finding Investors for your start up
  • Closing the deal- Financing for start up

You will also have access to a range of tools and toolkits to help you create a solid business plan and a sustainable business model. The programme also provides a platform for entrepreneurs to network and discuss the issues affecting them.

The cost of this programme is $ 75 which gives you:

  • Access to the BidX Community and the content therein.
  • Electronic certificates for all individual AMI courses successfully completed
  • Access to the AMI iCoach competency and performance management tool
  • Use of all social networking features
  • Comprehensive online profile to showcase skills and learning achievements to peers and entrepreneurs in the BidX online community.

How to sign up?

The programme is currently open till end of September 30th. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

If you would like more information or to sign up for the programme, please click here: or contact us at:  email:  or phone: +254 20 525 9561 / +254 733 750 007.