Our mission is to support the start, growth and finance of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets. We offer software solutions to the intermediaries that provide access to finance or advice to SMEs. These are Incubators, Banks, Funds and NGO’s. We aim to maximize the number of users for our clients.

bidx History

Bidx, founded by Thierry Sanders, has evolved over 10 years. In 2004 we launched the world’s first international business plan competition for emerging market SMEs – the “BiD Challenge”. It then grew into BiD Network Foundation which operated the world’s largest online community for emerging market SMEs, mentors and investors.BiD Network totalled 15,000 business proposals, 1700 mentors and 260 investors. We helped grow 1000 SMEs, creating jobs for more than 7500 people, matching over $20 million to 130 businesses.

In 2011, we created the company bidx.net. This was at the request of our partner organisations in 20 countries who all wanted to have their own web-platform for SMEs, mentors, and investors. Bidx was awarded $2 million from Barack Obama at the G20 summit in South Korea for being a leading innovation for SME financing. With an additional investment from Putera Sampoerna, founder of one of Indonesia’s most successful social business institutions focusing on entrepreneurship, we launched the bidx.net platform in January 2014.

Bidx supports the concept of shared value (Michael Porter). To let Incubators, Banks, Funds and NGO’s engage with their different client groups and share the value of connecting them in order to create new businesses. Bidx supports a great economic value for our clients and a financial marketplace for SMEs, mentors, and investors.

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