A bidx portal is a platform created for you, so that your entrepreneurs, businesses, financiers and mentors can be part of your online community. It is tailored to small and medium sized businesses that seek finance or advice.

For Entrepreneurs

An all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their business plan and get connected with investors and mentors to guide them through their journey to success.

For Investors

A pool of high potential businesses to invest in with easy access directly to entrepreneur with option of mentor guidance. Finding investment opportunities has never been so easy!

For Mentors

A place for experienced mentors to provide feedback to entrepreneurs in their journey of creating a sustainable business.

Portal Moderators

Using WordPress, we offer easy-to-use customizable portals based on the needs of your community. Options include language preferences, branding, monitoring, social media sharing and many more!

Technical Support

We provide technical support in English, Spanish and French with a response time to questions within 2 working days. Support is also provided for faults in the functionality of the portals with server uptime in 99% of the time or better.

Customer Support

Bidx provides all Portal Moderators with a short training to understand the use of the bidx Portal. Demonstration videos are also available for both Portal Moderators and end-users to understand the use of the bidx Portal. Portal moderators answer the non-technical questions of the members within their portal. Additional support by bidx can be arranged.

Getting Started – how it works

    1. Watch our demo videos or register on our (demo) websites or competitions
    2. Contact info@bidx.net with your request
    3. In a phone call we would like to understand your needs
    4. We send you a draft agreement that needs to be approved
    5. Our customer support team will share a requirements document to customize the Portal or Competition to your needs
    6. We inform you when the first version is ready, you may suggest changes
    7. When the website is right, you approve it, then pay your 1st year’s subscription
    8. We publish the website and you’re off to grow your entrepreneurial community online.