Ever considered taking in applications for finance or advice by phone? If your entrepreneurs have limited access to internet, you certainly should.

Entrepreneurs can apply via our multiple choice phone menu. They simply use the keypad of their phone to enter their data, or use the keypad activated menu, or pitch their business as a voice recording. You can process the applicants efficiently and use the automated call-back or text message system to invite the best one to the next steps.

This is a great tool to save time on pre-selection, but more importantly, it helps you reach a greater number of entrepreneurs, especially in remote areas.


  • People can call in with any phone, including landlines
  • Customizable phone script and pre-recorded messages in any language
  • No personnel needed to collect the data
  • Callers answer questions by pushing their keypad to choose an option, or via voice recording
  • Voice recognition software can be included
  • Automated text message / SMS response or automated call back
  • Hotlines can be created in any country
  • Online dashboard to track, select, message and monitor callers
  • You need to advertise the Hotline via a radio commercial or otherwise to make the Hotline number known