Connect entrepreneurs, mentors and financiers throughout your country!


that banks, incubators, accelerators, investment funds, and chambers of commerce in your country each have their own entrepreneur web portal. Entrepreneurs across the nation will be registering their requests for finance and advice in these web portals.

Now imagine that all these portals are connected. Entrepreneurs will only need to register once to get access to all the online finance and advice portals in the country. If the entrepreneur does not succeed with one bank, their application can be picked up by another bank of investor. In parallel the entrepreneur can get advice and mentoring via the incubator portals or from registered mentors.

Exclusive and Profitable

This Ecosystem service will be exclusive to one organisation per city or country. The ecosystem with its underlying portals takes about two years to build and market to national institutions. The two implementation years will be funded by the sponsoring organisation. But once adopted nationally, the combined volume of users will ensure that the ecosystem can finance itself.

Sources of income

  • Investor subscriptions
  • Advertising by businesses selling products
  • Advertising by accountants and lawyers for their services
  • Recruiter subscriptions for headhunting
  • A B2B alerts service
  • Data analysis reports of entrepreneurs and financiers’ activity and profiles


  • Offer a branded online entrepreneurship portal to: banks, incubators, accountants, consultants, trade associations, etc.
  • Get banks, investors, entrepreneurs and advisors to collaborate, nationally..
  • Have all portals visibly sponsored by you.
  • Mailing campaigns to all users in your country.
  • Advertise your services to all users in your country
  • Have bidx implement and customize this for you
  • Have bidx train your staff to operate the ecosystem
  • Have a dedicated customer services unit support the users
  • Monitor performance of your ecosystem in real-time