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  • Profile
  • Company profile
  • Business Summary (p)
  • Video & audio pitch
  • Business plan (v)
  • Financial plan (v)
  • Business and Financial plan templates (v)
  • Document & photo upload (v)
  • Completion score of plan
  • Speed rating of plan
  • Business Plan Competitions
  • Request mentor support
  • Connect with mentors
  • Social network registration and login
  • Loan application, filtering & lending (2015)

(v) viewable if author approves
(p) publicly viewable
(eta: date) expected by: date



  • Investor profile
  • Investment preference setting
  • Dashboard with relevant plans
  • Email alerts about relevant plans (Q4, 2014)
  • Feedback option on plans
  • Rating & ranking of plans (Q4, 2014)
  • Connect with entrepreneurs anywhere
  • No direct investment, only matchmaking
  • View entrepreneur plans, docs, financials (v)
  • Social network registration and login
  • Peer-to-peer lending (2015)
  • Loan management system (2015)

(v) viewable if author approves



  • Mentor Profile
  • Mentor accreditation (Q4, 2014)
  • Mentor preferences & skills
  • Mentor dashboard with relevant plans
  • Connect with entrepreneurs
  • Feedback option on plans
  • Mentoring requests from entrepreneurs
  • Mentoring offers to entrepreneurs
  • Social network registration and login
  • Rating of mentors by entrepreneurs (Q4, 2014)


Bidx Portal Moderator

  • Languages: English, French
  • Change the logo, style, colours and texts on your bidx Portal
  • A fully equipped content management system (CMS)
  • Social media sharing
  • Send group or individual messages to members
  • Members can send messages to the moderator
  • Monitoring & Analytics
  • Create your own news articles and announce events
  • Dashboard for traffic monitoring, mailing and configuration


Technical Support

  • 32 hours of technical support by bidx for the Group moderator, per year
  • Response time to questions is 2 working days or less
  • Bidx provides support in English, Spanish and French
  • Server uptime in 99% of the time (or better)


Customer Support

  • Bidx provides all Group Moderators with a short training to understand the use of the bidx Portal.
  • Bidx provides demonstration videos to understand the use of the bidx Portal.
  • For questions related to entrepreneurs, business plans, competitions, mentors and investors from members it is the Group Moderators who answer the member’s questions.
  • Additional support by bidx can be arranged, see below.


Getting Started – how it works

  1. Watch our demo videos or register on our (demo) websites or competitions
  2. Contact with your request
  3. In a phone call we would like to understand your needs
  4. We send you a draft agreement that needs to be approved
  5. Our customer support team will share a requirements document to customize the Portal or Competition to your needs
  6. We inform you when the first version is ready, you may suggest changes
  7. When the website is right, you approve it, then pay your 1st year’s subscription
  8. We publish the website and your off the grow your entrepreneurial community online.


Additional Services and Software

Your own domain name
…rather than
Set up = USD 150
Annual charge = USD 60

Event registration module
(will be announced)

Additional Customer and Technical Support time
If you exceed the bidx support limit of 32 hours for a bidx Portal, or 8 hours for a Competition, we can offer you more Support time at Euro 63 per hour (USD 85).
It takes bidx on average 3 minutes to answer a user question. Bidx uses systems to measure the number for questions from each Portal.

Adding a new language to bidx
Translation = USD 3000 – USD 10,000 (at cost-price + USD 1000 for bidx for checking & editing)
Customer & Technical Support in the new language:
.. 1 customer support salary full time per year
.. Training of that person (4 days + flight and accommodation)
.. 1 Helpdesk support software license