Monthly: November 2014

Let’s get Startups financed, but then without a crowdfunding platform … here’s how

Crowd funding is all the fashion these days. But it takes a lot of marketing skills and some IT know-how to get this going. For those of you who already have all the parts of the puzzle, but not the platform, here is the alternative.   Let’s deal with this in a simple way, the

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Do international SME investment funds kill the rise of local investors?

March 2011 Normally I would welcome every new fund that invests in developing country businesses with open arms. After all finance for businesses in developing countries is hard to come by. Especially young businesses with a lack of track record. Or growing businesses that are constantly strapped for cash to fuel their growth. Every new

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4 ways to make sustainable businesses work in developing countries

September 2010 In 2012 the Rio+20 Summit will take place in Rio de Janeiro. Besides commemorating the UNCED conference 20 years ago, a new sustainability agenda for the next 20 years will be drawn up. I was asked to provide 4 recommendations to the Netherlands Committee going to Rio. The bottom-line is that most businesses

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Do emerging markets need impact investors?

Impact Investing Magazine, December 2012

Six ways your company can reduce poverty

You and your company can reduce poverty, here are six approaches: Drink a beer at a luxury hotel in Sierra Leone; Throw bales of money out of a helicopter over farmland; Sell water in Kibera slum, Nairobi at twice the price of that in the city centre; Use your weight; Invest in a budding new

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