Monthly: May 2015

How to lose weight and have a successful business

One day while having our daily lunch together at bidx, Leslie, our director, told me that he runs 10 kilometers every other day. For me, that was kind of impossible. I remember in my early 20’s, 4 kilometers was my only way to tell whether I am fit or not. I never went beyond that

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Jorge Merino tells us how he works on improving the access to drinking-water in Ecuador

Ten years ago, Jorge Merino Salom, who has his postgraduate degree in water management, was visiting a farm owned by one of his friends on the Ecuadorian coast. He had a life-changing experience there that lead him to start a new business in the hope of tackling the problem of access to clean drinking water

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She likes me, she 5-star rates me not

About 9 years ago, Time Magazine chose ‘you’ as its person of the year. Yes, you, and everyone who is not just a mere consumer of online content, but a contributor now. That was when user-generated content was taking off, and the rise of what was called web 2.0 back then. Cultural theorist Henry Jenkins,

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