10 business ideas in the Gateway Portal highlighted (English)

10 business ideas in the Gateway Portal highlighted (English)

Interesting Business Ideas on bidx Portals

Interesting Business Ideas on bidx Portals

We have a large number of interesting ideas and business plans on the bidx platform. To give you insight into the inventiveness and diversity of these plans, we let 10 entrepreneurs explain you their idea:


1. SasuPay by Malcolm Kastiro

SasuPay is an online Payment Gateway service that will allow individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically at a local and international level. Sasu is a short form of the Luganda word “Sasula” translated as “PAY”. This product will no doubt change the way we transact business locally in Uganda and also globally.

SasuPay (Uganda)


2. ProEnto by N. Roskam

ProEnto – Production, Processing of Insect Proteins. We are about to produce high value insect proteins on low value (organic) waste. We want to provide sustainable alternatives for the animal feed industry.

ProEnto (Mexico)


3. Mir & Ryvi Home of Organics by Laiden Pedriña

We run a social enterprise that manufactures handmade soaps and toiletries and employs people with disabilities, disenfranchised women, and out of school youth. It partners with local organic farmers for some of its raw materials; provide continuous training and life skill workshops to mothers, a decent wage and other benefits so these people can decide on their own development path.

Mir & Ryvi Home of Organics (Philippines)


4. Terra Nova, Lda by Flore Roura

We receive urban waste from the municipality and sort it to create compost sold to local small farmers, residents of the city and to the municipality (for farming and public/private gardens). When combining it with cow manure, the compost permits an increase in crop yields from 20 to 100 %, will decrease plants diseases and weeds apparition. This can increase revenues from the farmers. Terra Nova employs the poorest people in Mozambique; waste scavengers, thieves, alcoholics and we give them a chance rehabilitate within society.

Terra Nova, Lda (Mozambique)


5. Red Palm Ventures by Edna Palad

Red Palm Ventures specializes in eco-icon bags, foot wear, accessories and wall papers, using water hyacinth and sugar cane leaves.

Red Palm Ventures (Philippines)


6. Expand Your Meal Choice by Fransisco Kibasa

We reinvent dining tables by substituting the common consumed red meat with tasty and healthy rabbit meat.

Expand your meal choice (Tanzania)


7. KokoBoard by Orapin by Sinamonvech

Kokoboard is the manufacturer of a wood-substitute board made of agricultural residue; including, rice straw, coco dust, vetiver grass and peanut shell. Its products are unique in texture and suitable for flooring, ceiling, walling, as well as furniture making. Kokoboard also offers bio-composite board manufacturing services for customers by using customers’ materials as inputs. We satisfy the unique needs of green builders who are looking for ways to differentiate themselves with high performance green materials that are more durable and use less energy.

Kokoboard (Thailand)


8. Footwear Production by Gloria Saripada

Production of footwear made of rubber mats and fresh water snake leather. Our manpower is composed of Muslims and Christians working together harmoniously. This proves that Muslims and Christians do not have to fight, but can work together and learn from each other.

Footwear Production (Philippines)


9. Yared Food and Drink by Yared Assefa

We will be supplying The Dutch market with mead (honeywine) brewed in our premises in the outskirts of Amsterdam by combining traditional Ethiopian brewing methods with modern techniques. Our potential consumers would be drinkers of mead and wine on romantic and wedding occasions.

Yared Food & Drink (Netherlands)


10. Tungsten Nigeria by Okung Ebiefie

We plan to open up a chain of Gelato (ice cream) stores across Nigeria in partnership with an American company. Focus is on health iced products using local fruits to create unique flavors.

Tungsten Nigeria (Nigeria)


11. Your Idea

Like these entrepreneurs, you also have the opportunity to publish your business plan on our platform. With the collaboration of mentors and investors in the ecosystem, you can make your plans come true!

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