bidX in 1 minute at the G20 Summit 2010 – Seoul, South Korea

bidX in 1 minute at the G20 Summit 2010 – Seoul, South Korea

“…In just 5 years BiD Network grew from an idea into being the largest web-platform for SMEs in developing counties. We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs – including Stewart Craine of Barefoot Power, who is also a G20 winner.

It all starts by guiding an entrepreneur in writing a business plan. We have hundreds of coaches to advise them. The best entrepreneurs are then matched with our investors. The finance is important, but so is guidance.

Surprisingly investors need guidance aswell – especially the growing group of wealthy people in developing countries. They are eagre to invest in local businesses. I believe that cultivating local investors to build local risk capital markets is the next phase of SME Finance.

In the next 5 years, BiD Network aims to become the Facebook of SME finance. BiD will make it possible for an investor anywhere to invest directly in SMEs using only their smartphone.

Thank you for selecting BiD Network as winner for the G20 SME Finance Challenge award here in Seoul, South Korea. November, 2010….”