New Portal for the Mbugua Rosemary Foundation

New Portal for the Mbugua Rosemary Foundation


As part of Mbugua Rosemary Foundation’s task to support entrepreneurs in emerging markets, the foundation decided to launch a new portal for potential business ideas. The portal runs on the bidx platform, which facilitate the collaboration between entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.


After the unfortunate demise of Mbugua and Rosemary on the 21st of September 2013 during the Westgate Terrorist Attack, the Mbugua & Rosemary Foundation was formed by the Family and Friends. The Foundation selects and supports a group of entrepreneurs who have the potential to transform industries, communities, and even countries. Each year, the Foundation will select candidates to join their entrepreneurial mentorship programme set up in honour of Mbugua Mwangi and Rosemary Wahito, both young successful entrepreneurs, who inspired the formation of the Foundation.


The Foundation summarizes their mission into 3 key points:

  • Developing the Kenyan entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Converting dreamers into business owners
  • Fueling knowledge transfer.


They will have their inaugural graduation ceremony in September 2015, where the first class of entrepreneurs who  successfully completed Phase 1 of the Young Entrepreneurs Program will get graduated.


Are you an entrepreneur?
Then you may want join the foundation’s newly created entrepreneurial portal after reading the Candidate Criteria for Entrepreneurial Mentorship here.