Top six ways to make your bidx business plan up to scratch!

Top six ways to make your bidx business plan up to scratch!

On the bidx portals we see a lot of inspiring and innovative business plans. It is a joy to work for a company where we can engage with entrepreneurs from all over the world. Literally, our members come from Argentina, Austria, Algeria and Angola to Zambia and Zimbabwe.

In our biggest portal: The Gateway Portal, almost a 1000 business plans are uploaded, ranging from mixed farming, waste management services, education, public relations, renewable energy to data processing solutions and software development. All these entrepreneurs show their passion, vision and capabilities in their business plans.

Of course, on the bidx portals you can find mentors that can help you improve your business plan, but here are six valuable tips to help you started.

  • Make it personal! Explain to your audience why you do what you do. Don’t make your pitch to formal. It is good to have an idea of your know-how, but combined with the passion for what you are doing and want to achieve is better. Do you also have a portrait picture in your business plan?

  • Beware of spelling mistakes; your business plan is your way to convince investors that you are professional and reliable, so don’t accidentally convince them otherwise. Do you have a friend that can have a second look at your business plan? Please do!

  • Make use of all types of media. Although text is still the main way to communicate with investors, you can easily implement images, videos and audio in your business plan. Making use of all types of media really helps in having your business plan stand out and, attract attention. Just the most important points of advice for your clip is: watch how the background looks and test your audio quality!


  • Did you upload all documents that are vital to convince your audience? Just to give some ideas: What about a detailed financial plan, a marketing presentation, market research and a resume?

  • Your financial plan does not only have to be logical, but well-argued as well. Large sums should not necessarily be a problem, as long as you can make a good claim why you need them.

  • bidx portals are a good way to connect with investors, but could also serve as a location for your business idea’s web presence. Thus, once you are done with writing your perfect business plan, feel free to share it on social media websites for potential customers and investors who also might be interested in it.

Hopefully this will help you in having an eye catching business plan that will get you financed. Good luck!