bidx and BiD Network helped SMEs to get $ 3.5 Million worth of investments in 2015

bidx and BiD Network helped SMEs to get $ 3.5 Million worth of investments in 2015

In collaboration with Bid Network, investments of $ 3,500,000 were funneled to support SMEs in 13 different countries, including Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Mozambique, Mexico, Peru and Kosovo. In this post we would like to shed the light on some of those SMEs.

Terra Nova, Lda
Terra Nova, is based in Mozambique. They work on converting urban waste into compost, then help selling it to local farmers. To increase their positive environmental impact, Terra Nova recently began to diversificate its activity, by recycling human fecal waste, as well as working on organic farming in their own facility.

Yellow star Food Products Ltd.
Yellow star Food Products, from Uganda, is a women owned business. It works on the production of variety of natural food products like rice, soybeans, ground nuts. Their goal is to become the leading supplier of organic natural products in the Northern and Central Regions of the country.

Tabagonyi Enterprizes limited
Tabagonyi, also from Uganda, is specialized in the production and marketing of lowland rice at medium scale. The company was founded in 2012, and their approach is to produce high quality rice at a low cost by employing efficient and effective farming methods.

East Africa Fruits
EA Fruits, from Tanzania, works on reducing post-harvest Losses, by using better logistics and quality management of fresh products. Their vision is to become the largest aggregator and distributor of freshly branded produce (fruits and vegetables) in Eastern Africa.

Horn of Africa Fishing Company
Horn of Africa Fishing Company is a fishing and fish processing company located and legally registered in Bosaso Puntland state of Somalia. Their main products include fresh and frozen fish, and they target both the local and international market.