Share with the right people. Seek the criticism!

Share with the right people. Seek the criticism!



Refusal to seek help, advises and all kinds of feedback in general, is a common characteristic of beginner entrepreneurs. Nothing to be surprised about. It is their intellectual property on the line. Hearing people criticising the flawless, in your perception, idea you have spent countless hours building is another obnoxious momentum. It takes an experienced entrepreneur, the one who have seen the cardiogram of ups and downs in this line of business to tell that feedback is of major importance in the initial processes of any entrepreneurial idea. Sharing your ideas is essential. Even more essential is sharing them with the right people. A good friend of mine, a person with highly entrepreneurial vision of his surroundings, learned a harsh lesson not so long ago. He had the idea, the vision, the skills and motivation to realize a great business. He was sharing it, but not with the right audience. He wanted to hear the positives and that is what he was receiving. Tendentiously, friends and family are not the best source of feedback. Poor feedback results in objectionable business plan. Objectionable business plan does not attract investors. A chain reaction of this nature would sink any entrepreneurship.

Victoria Duff, specialized in entrepreneurial subjects, an acclaimed venture catalyst, start-up facilitator and investor relations manager shares the importance of good contacts and advices. She declares that an active group of advisers represents the difference between success and failure and further, stresses the importance of SMEs funding and the need of investor/s. Attracting investors gives you the possibility to retain your assets for use in other occasions, giving additional security for your start-up. (Duff, 2016)

BidX allows your ideas to grow. Do not pursue flattery for the ideal, yet unrealized vision of your business. Seek the critical feedback of the experts in our portals and strive for constant improvement.



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