Meet our new colleague!

Meet our new colleague!

Julia Pop is the latest addition to bidx team. She works as a Front-End Developer and Designer, and she is responsible for making the user’s’ experience with our platform more pleasant. We decided to ask Julia some questions and get to know her better.


bidx: Hi Julia, can you tell us more about yourself

Julia: I was born in Romania in a culturally mixed family, as my mother is Hungarian and my father Romanian. I have 2 older brothers and both of them are crazy about cars and engines so my interest towards a “manly” profession was pretty much understandable. I was also strongly influenced by my cousins to turn towards technology, so I choose a high school with intensive mathematics and IT education. Right after high school I’ve moved to Budapest, I’ve moved in with my partner who left Targu Mures 1 year earlier for his studies. I’ve followed my studies at Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, the 3 years of study expanded into 5 because from my 2nd year I’ve started working full time. My first job was a technical support position, from there I wandered of to Nokia Siemens Networks and from there to the Netherlands. First I’ve worked as a Test Engineer at a Broadcast company after which I turned towards Perl and web development. Design is a new challenge for me, but I really enjoy it and I hope I’ll manage to do a great job with that to and positively contribute to bidx’s mission.


bidx: What are your 10 commandments to young front-end developers?  

Julia: That’s so many and also rules. I don’t think there’s a recipe for successful web or any kind of development. The only important thing is that you enjoy your job and you have fun while bumping in into all kind of unexpected behaviours and while trying to find a solution for them. If you are passionate about what you do you can’t go wrong.


bidx: Do you have favourite music you listen to while coding?

Julia: Of course. I like to listen to old favourites while coding, because it’s familiar and doesn’t distract my attention. Some examples: Emil Rulez, Kowalsky meg a Vega, Tankcsapda, Kispal es a Borz, Vama Veche, but there are some internationally known artists I like to listen to: Zaz, John Mayer, Diana Krall, Godsmack. Also if you look up all these bands you’ll see that I listen to different styles of music.


bidx: What’s the name of the delicious food you brought to lunch today?

Julia: Zacuscă (RO), zakuszka (HU)


bidx: Can you give us the recipe, or is it confidentially top secret?

Julia: Sure!


      0,75 kg onions

      1,5 kg sweet paprika

      2,5 kg eggplant

      0,5 l tomato juice

      0,5 l oil

      salt, black pepper and bay leafs

Eggplant preparation:

Bake the eggplants in the oven (250C ~45 min), while still hot take of the peal and let them rest for ~1 h for the sour liquid to come of out the vegetable. After the eggplant is cold, chop it.

Chop the onions and the paprika. In one pan put the half of the oil and the onions, in another pan put the chopped paprika (a big pan) and the rest of the oil. Put both pans on the stove and boil for around 10 minutes. Add the onions to the paprika then the chopped eggplant, the tomato juice and the spices. With continuous stirring cook the whole mass for around 4 hours. Bon apetit!