CleanCookstoves against the Silent Killer in the Kitchen

CleanCookstoves against the Silent Killer in the Kitchen


CleanCookstoves is a bidx portal owned by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC), and it is one of the portals we are most proud of. In this portal, over 300 entrepreneurs from around the globe present their business idea for the promotion of clean cooking devices.

Around 2.9 billion households worldwide still use wood or carbon to cook their meals on. The simple act of cooking this way is a hazardous occupation: the World Health Organization estimates that over 4 million lives are lost due to lung disorders caused by wood-fired indoor cooking devices. This is five times the amount of deaths caused by malaria, which is how these devices came to earn their nickname “Silent Killer in the Kitchen”.

The well known Dutch publication NCR Handelsblad recently published an article on the use of clean cookstoves in emerging countries. According to this article, the GACC is aiming to have 100 million cookstoves distributed by 2020. A group of 13 Dutch organizations and companies such as Philips and Hivos are planning to take part in this mission, and are advocating the continuation of the financing of cookstoves distribution projects to the Dutch government.

Bidx helps this noble mission by providing a portal where these projects can be presented in order to find funding. Any business plan or project regarding clean cookstoves is welcome to join. Entrepreneurs can find mentors to help them with their business plan, they can present their plan to potential investors, or participate in one of the business plan competitions organized by the GACC.

Even Julia Roberts agrees that clean cookstoves will save millions of lives and contribute considerably to a cleaner environment:

Have a look at the CleanCookstoves Portal and join the fight against the Silent Killer in the Kitchen!