New Portal for DGTOL Africa

New Portal for DGTOL Africa


DGTOL Africa is a Kenyan company specializing in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). They defined their goals as to ensure that their clients’ businesses “sprout to merit”. Recently, DGTOL decided to adopt one of bidx Portals to help them in their mission. We, thus, decided to interview Peter K. Biwott to understand from him why they chose bidx, and know more about his vision.  


bidx: Hi Peter, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Peter: I am from Uasin Gishu County and I am 39 years old. I hold undergraduate and masters qualifications in Economics, with over 10 years experience in trade and investment advisory. My main passion is to grow Kenya’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by encouraging more youth to participate in the country’s ownership through entrepreneurship.


bidx: How would you explain DGTOL’s vision?

Peter: The Vision of DGTOL Africa Ltd is to deliver effective business solutions in line with international standards that generates customer value. As a BPO (Business process outsourcing) and ICT solutions company, we strive to ensure that our client’s businesses sprout to merit. by employing faster implementation of ideas and optimum utilization of resources.

We would like to grow with the youth and young entrepreneurs from Kenya and around the continent. The youth will take advantage of the resources abundant in Kenya and Africa to create wealth and prosperity. We want to grow by influencing business start ups to grow and become leading regional and global brands.


bidx: Why did you chose bidx? and how do you think bidx portals will help you in your mission?

Peter: Bidx is an invaluable company offering a platform for entrepreneurs, mentors and investors to interact and contribute to entrepreneurship growth. Bidx coming to Kenya and indeed Africa present an opportunity where technology is used to multiply success potential of Kenyan and African enterprises at large. Bidx therefore has propelled DGTOL Africa Ltd to the global arena using technology. We would now use our portal to reach local and global entrepreneurs. This is business unusual and there now exists a clear path and prospects for business start ups and already grown businesses to double their networks, and access to mentorship and financial services.


bidx: Who are the perfect members for your portal? and how do you plan to reach them?

Peter: We are focusing on the youth; women and young entrepreneurs in Kenya. Our focus goes from county to national and global level. We acknowledge the youth being the cornerstone of Kenya’s economy and indeed the future of Africa. We would use social media and networking business forums to reach them. In addition to university students entrepreneurship conferences which we currently participate in.


bidx: Are there other organisations you plan to collaborate with and invite to use your entrepreneurial portal?

Peter: We are planning to engage other business organizations and media outlets to reach out to our clients. We also plan to reach colleges and universities focusing on entrepreneurship as well as established companies. The financial sector would be a great opportunity for DGTOL Africa Ltd especially with the mutual benefits from mentorship to potential investments.


bidx: One final word you would like us to spread about you and your organisation.

Peter: We aspire to inspire a new pool of entrepreneurs from Kenya, and Africa as a whole, towards wealth creation and sustainable economic development. The future holds real to prosperity with the resilient innovative pool of young entrepreneurs. Hardwork, resource endowment and highly skilled human capital in Kenya and Africa are the key pillars to faster entrepreneurship success. Let’s not forget that return on investment in Kenya, and in Africa in general, is high.


When you want to invest in the youth and young entrepreneurs, invest in Kenya.